Blockchain enabled privacy preserving solutions

The design of a blockchain solution for maintaining user privacy had begun during the development of the Lifeguard App. Lifeguard Digital Health partnered with blockchain@UBC research centre and MiTacs accelerate research program to find privacy preserving solution for the sensitive domain of opioid crisis and in digital health. This project, co-funded by MiTacs explored privacy enhancing solutions using blockchain/distributed ledger technologies.

A conceptual design of an Ethereum based solution, design of smart contracts and an interface design using elements of blockchain was attempted. The research explored the relationship between digital literacy and technology adoption with a focus on blockchain technology as it is still novel to the health field. It also examined stakeholder perception of blockchain technology and levels of digital literacy in relation to this technology, within the organization. The gaps in literacy were identified such that educational resources could be developed to inform stakeholders. As a fundamental part of information governance (IG), information security (IS) in the healthcare sector is concerned with the governing processes of health-related data and information systems. Information security governance (ISG) ensures organizations could mitigate potential risks and comply with ethical, professional and legal standards in order to secure data confidentiality, integrity and authorized accessibility. This project attempted to develop a holistic Information Security Governance Framework for a Decentralized System: Guiding Information Security Governance. The project phase 1 was concluded in 2021.

In 2022, an end-to-end blockchain based secure protocol for privacy preservation in emergency environments was developed by Lifeguard Labs.


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